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The Gallardo Method - Taking a Chance On life

This acting technique will change your life. It will make you healthy, aware and ultimately a better human being. It is not just for the actor or film student but for anyone interested in improving his life. You will learn that you are enough. You will understand the importance of the truth and that you can make a difference. You will get in touch with your past so that you may accept or alter your present. You will no longer be part of the silent majority for you will know that your voice must be heard. You will find what is special in you so that you may share that specialness with others. You will realize, without a doubt, that your voice matters and that you must come forward.

I teach acting and that is why I chose this form, this acting technique, to make a difference - change the way the world is heading. Most universities, colleges, high schools and junior high schools have drama departments and this technique, this book, will be of interest to them, but it is so much more than just an acting technique. What I teach will help you to understand who you are and that you are enough. I have starred in almost every medium and have taught actors who now have wonderful careers in the movie business. I know what I'm talking about. It's not an outdated method of sorts, but rather a direct way to access your emotional life. I will show you how best for the camera to record what it is that'you are doing, and how best for your mate and your friends to see you as you are.  

People have come to my classes from all over the world and from all walks of life. From as far away as Fiji, or Germany, Paris, Ecuador, England, Mexico, Amsterdam, Wales, Kentucky or New York - they all have the same needs, wants and feelings. They want to be loved. They feel not good enough. They need to be held, and so on. What we do in my classes is get in touch with those needs, wants and feelings so that we may understand the truth. When you understand the truth, the real truth, then you can make a difference. I have worked closely with advertising agents, attorneys, housewives, authors, agents, people representing most of the working class in our society. They have all told me over and over again how they use this technique in their every day lives and how they have become more aware and in touch and in tune.

I feel this book will be of interest to many people other than actors for it shows a way to relax, to let the tension go. With stress gone, your health will improve. it will open you up and put you in touch with you. With clear confidence you will understand that you make a difference and that you're accountable. So many people go around blaming others, not taking responsibility, etc. Many years ago I visited a unior high school located in an under-privileged area of New York City in order to recruit new students for my acting classes. What happened was so offensive and unbelievable to me. After telling the school principal of my plans, to introduce my acting technque to these students, he proceeded to put his hand on my thigh. He then said, "I know this is important to you, but these kids are animals. We just pass them along - hope they drop out..." and so on. Didn't he understand what he was doing? When you don't do your job, everyone suffers. Their parents didn't care. Their teachers didn't care. What alternative did they feel they had -put graffiti everywhere, vandalize, kill, rob, mug, for they had no other way of expression or making a name - in effect, no one gave a damn. These kids couldn't get a decent job for they had no education. And they had no education because that principal made a wrong judgment and did not see the big picture. I reached out and got my students. With just a little bit of care, these kids learned that they were special. Those few that I took in went on to excel in their school work, lost weight, took pride in themselves, stopped eating junk foods, learned they didn't have to get pregnant at sixteen - they had learned that there was another way. And everyone was better for that. They didn't have to worry about being mugged, robbed or worse killed.  

The Gallardo Method is important for anyone interested in changing his life. We've made excuses for ourselves and have forgotten that our word means something. We lie in little ways and see rigidly. We edit and judge and very rarely see the truth. We believe in the authorities, the press and the government without question and have stopped believing in ourselves. The world as we know it is going to hell - gang violence, lack of proper education, homicide on the rise, people carrying guns, divorce at fifty percent, the family broken down, prejudice, and so on. With this method you will learn to see the real truth and perhaps even understand your role. All the answers are inside of you and by your seeing every possibility, not just the straight and narrow, you will become a better human being and one capable of finding real happiness. When you're in the dark and don't really know how to love or respect - trust or or keep your word, you contribute to the breakdown of our society. I am an actress and an acting teacher and have developed this technique in order to make a difference. People using this method have become stronger, healthier, clearer and much more fun to be around. They're exciting and confident and have no time for the inertia that has taken over other people's lives. It's no longer alright to sit back passively. The Gallardo Method will force you to see the reality of your own life.

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