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Billy Drago and I have created, adapted and developed an acting technique that breaks down patterns and habits, a technique that puts you so in tune with the universe that exciting choices flow through you - freely and openly. Without censorship and minus intellectual labels and blocks, ones body can experience entire histories.

Suddenly, the professional actor as well as the aspiring novice can discover, or rediscover, the excitement of creation -- as opposed to recreation.

Everything seen on this video was shot in one take. Some of the cast have eamed their livings in front of the camera for years - while others have studied for only weeks. In this technique professionals and novices work as equals. As in the discipline of ZEN, truth is truth. If one adheres to the disciplines, the art will emerge on its own.

Do not try to grasp everything all at once. Listen to the tape over and over again and then begin slowly, always remembering to warm up first. The instrument must be open and relaxed. Don't try to label anything. Concentrate only on the disciplines. Don't be hard on yourself ... trust yourself ... go as far as you can.  

Silvana has starred in a myriad of motion pictures, movies of the week and mini-series such as SOLAR CRISIS, COPACABANA, CHILDREN OF TIMES SQUARE, PRISON STORIES - WOMEN ON THE INSIDE, DEATH WISH II, CENTENNIAL, SILENCE OF THE HEART, THE WINDWALKER, and THE GREAT LOS ANGELES EARTHQUAKE. She has graced nearly every episodic drama including HUNTER, BABYLON 5, ER, CAGNEY 7 LACEY, L.A. LAW and has had recurring roles on NYPD BLUE, FALCON CREST AND DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

BILLY DRAGO received world wide recognition for his portrayal of Frank Nitti in The Untouchables. A face well known to movie goers, for his starring roles in such films as Freeway, Delta Force II, Vamp, Diplomatic Immunity, Hero & The Terror, and Dark Before Dawn.

TOGETHER, they have produced and directed THE ACTING CLASS, illustrating a one-take technique that can produce immediate resuks for the actor. Shot by Doug Ryan (The Untouchables) and Michael Givens (Max Headroom) with sound designed by veteran mixer, Hank Garfield and editing by Paul Norton, you can watch the beauty of the acting art unfold before your very eyes in the privacy of your own home.

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Discover for yourself what these film professionals already know.

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Tape Overview

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